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Fusion R Gamer says goodbye

It's with great sadness that we announce this will be the last post made on Fusion R Gamer. The tough decision to close our doors and say goodbye to our readers has been made and the site is closing. We're so grateful to everyone who stopped by to read a news post or review of the latest retro release. Our mission was to provide a daily source of retro and
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ZPF – preview of upcoming Mega Drive shooter

We've been excited seeing the updates for ZPF, the upcoming Mega Drive shooter from retro publisher Mega Cat Studios. The crowdfunding campaign has already amassed over £110k, is still gaining pre-orders, and has a couple of weeks to go. Fusion has been sent a prototype cart to try out and we'll give our findings in this preview. Of course, this is a sneak preview of the current build and not
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Gamebook Advance – New GBA book up for pre-order

Gamebook Advance is the latest book to be announced from Ninty Media. It's the third in the GameBoy series that has already covered the original DMG and the GBC. A Kickstarter campaign is well underway, and the book already had over £30k pre-orders. The success has already led to author Paul Murphy committing to expanding the finished book. The book's contents will follow a similar pattern to the first two.
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Antstream announce two new titles and Xbox deal

This week's new Antstream Arcade titles have been announced alongside this week's challenge and an update on Antstream's Xbox offering. The first game is Megalopolis SOS, released in 1983 on MSX. It is a fixed-screen shooter where players must defend the cities of Earth from invasion. The second title is Snowboard Championship, a Gaelco arcade game from 1997. Players ride the mountains and react to on-screen prompts. And for the
aero the acro-bat
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Aero the Acro-bat is heading to modern consoles

Aero the Acro-bat was a 1993 platforming title from developer Iguana. It was released at a time when every publisher and its dog wanted an anthropomorphic mascot for its platforming games, and then publisher Sunsoft got Aero. Now, thanks to retro publisher Ratalaika Games, it has a new lease of life on Switch, Xbox and PlayStation when it releases on August 2nd 2024. The package includes a bucketload of emulation
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Antstream announces this week’s new games

As with most weeks, retro streaming service Antstream Arcade has two new titles to try. Alien Rampage is an old DOS side-scrolling action title with great pixel art and solid gameplay. The other release is the NES port of BurgerTime, Data East's 1982 arcade game. Both titles will be available on Antstream this week. Steve Cottam, CEO of Antstream, said. "There is always something new to discover on Antstream, and
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Exophobia – retro-inspired FPS heading to consoles and PCs this month

Exophobia is a new retro-inspired FPS from Zarc Attack heading to PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation on the 23rd July 2024. It pays homage to the classic by mixing old-school FPS action with Metroidvania elements with modern twists. It has power-ups and weapons to unlock as you progress and hordes of aliens to blast through. There is currently a PC demo to play on Steam that gives a flavour of
Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero
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Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero – Super Famicom game goes global

Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero is the latest modern release in the almost-forgotten series. This one adds beat 'em-up mechanics to the shooting elements and simpler platforming action. It is also the first time it has seen an English translation as it was a Super Famicom Japanese exclusive up until now. This release means that the entire Cyber Citizen Shockman series is now available on modern consoles with English translations. While
sigma star saga
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Sigma Star Saga – GBA action rpg heading to PC and consoles next year

Retro publisher WayForward has announced that Sigma Star Saga, the 2025 GBA shmup RPG, is heading to PC and modern consoles next year. It will align with the 20th anniversary of the game's release and will be presented through Limited Run Games' Carbon Engine. In its press release, WayForward has mentioned that "this highly requested cult classic" will also be re-released as a GBA-compatible cart. There aren't many more details