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Steel Empire X Over Horizon Switch Review

We recently reported on the imminent release of Steel Empire X Over Horizon for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, a compilation of old-school side-scrolling shoot ‘em ups from the early 90s. Now we’ve had the chance to play the games on Switch, and we had a real blast!First up is Over Horizon, a 1991 NES shooter with a botanical setting, meaning killer plants sprouting up to attack you all over the
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Football Champ Kicks its Way out of the Arcade Archives Today If you’re already missing the recent flurry of football action from the Euro 24 championships, then the latest release from Hamster's Arcade Archives line of emulated arcade titles could be just what you need!For this week’s release, Hamster have resurrected Football Champ, a Taito title originally released in 1990, and which is also known by the name ‘Hat Trick Hero’.As the title suggests, the game is an arcade-style football
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Epyx Rogue Spawning onto Switch Tomorrow

Rogue, the game that spawned a genre, is venturing onto Nintendo Switch tomorrow (Thursday 18th July 2024).So many modern gamers use the term “rogue-like”, but many may not have played the original game that it references. Now they’ll have the chance to play it on Nintendo Switch!Back in 1980, a computer game emerged that changed the world of fantasy gaming forever Randomly generated rooms meant that each journey into the
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Gamebook Advance – New GBA book up for pre-order

Gamebook Advance is the latest book to be announced from Ninty Media. It's the third in the GameBoy series that has already covered the original DMG and the GBC. A Kickstarter campaign is well underway, and the book already had over £30k pre-orders. The success has already led to author Paul Murphy committing to expanding the finished book. The book's contents will follow a similar pattern to the first two.
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The Karate Kid: Street Rumble Waxing Its Way onto Consoles & PC this September Of course, Fusion R Gamer is a retro-based site, I mean the “R” is right there! So, with that in mind, you might think that an upcoming new game for modern formats would sit outside of our remit. Well, The Karate Kid: Street Rumble may be a new game, but its credentials are decidedly retro.First off, The Karate Kid: Street Rumble is based on a film from 1984, and
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Satryn DX Switch Review

The obvious game with which to compare Satryn DX is Robotron, but when the obvious comparison is such an accurate one, it’d be foolish to ignore it.The gameplay involves moving with the left stick while shooting the nasties with the right, with the aim being to obliterate the baddies and save your pals, who are being threatened with a one-way trip to Satryn for a sort of involuntary Dignitas situation.Satryn
Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero
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Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero – Super Famicom game goes global

Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero is the latest modern release in the almost-forgotten series. This one adds beat 'em-up mechanics to the shooting elements and simpler platforming action. It is also the first time it has seen an English translation as it was a Super Famicom Japanese exclusive up until now. This release means that the entire Cyber Citizen Shockman series is now available on modern consoles with English translations. While
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Sigma Star Saga – GBA action rpg heading to PC and consoles next year

Retro publisher WayForward has announced that Sigma Star Saga, the 2025 GBA shmup RPG, is heading to PC and modern consoles next year. It will align with the 20th anniversary of the game's release and will be presented through Limited Run Games' Carbon Engine. In its press release, WayForward has mentioned that "this highly requested cult classic" will also be re-released as a GBA-compatible cart. There aren't many more details
7 More NES Games for Switch Online July 2024
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7 More NES Games Added to Nintendo Switch Online The library of NES games available to Switch Online subscribers just keeps growing, with seven more titles added to the service today. The new additions in question are: Urban Champion (1986)Golf (1984)Donkey Kong Jr. Math (1986) Mach Rider (1986)The Mystery of Atlantis (1986)Solar Jetman (1991)Cobra Triangle (1989)It’s possibly not the best-known bunch of NES games to hit Nintendo Switch Online, but we’re sure you’ll agree it’s always good to