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Sovietborgs – Retro Sumus shows us WIP of new Dreamcast title

Retro Sumus, the developer behind the excellent Dreamcast on-rails shooter Xenocider, has a new game to show, albeit at a very early stage of development. Sovietborgs is an upcoming title for Dreamcast and Mega Drive that appears, at first glance at least, to have some very cool Cannon Fodder vibes. From what we can see, you control a small team of soldiers as you take down enemies and the setting
rainbow cotton
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Rainbow Cotton – Retro shooter gets HD blast on Steam

Rainbow Cotton was first released for the Dreamcast in 2000 but sadly never made it out of Japan. Now the shooter, which falls neatly into the cute 'em-up sub-genre, has had a full HD remaster. The remaster duties were taken care of by developer Kritzelkratz 3000 with publishing from ININ. It's out on 9th May 2024 for Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam which we've reviewed here. The game is the
rainbow cotton
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Rainbow Cotton edges closer to release with new gameplay footage

We've been very excited following the release of the Rainbow Cotton HD remaster and can confirm that we're beavering away from reviewing the PC version now. In the meantime, a new teaser trailer has been released that shows some more gameplay footage and gives us a blast of some in-game music as well as a boss battle. The game has been developed by SUCCESS Corporation with publishing duties being handled by ININ Games.
fractured almanac
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Fragmented Almanac – New Dreamcast indie review

Fragmented Almanac is a brand new Dreamcast indie title from Canadian developer Antiruins. It describes its point-and-click adventure as an "enigmatic odyssey through time and space" and that it's "a mesmerizing narrative puzzle game redefining retro gaming on the SEGA Dreamcast platform". Bold claims aside, we take a look at this interesting game for this review and have used both emulators on PC and a physical disc in our Dreamcast.
cyborg force
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Cyborg Force – Nuanced Neo shooting and scrolling

Cyborg Force is a new Neo Geo game developed by the two-man team at indie publisher Neo Byte Force. It pays homage to all the classic Neo Geo games of old, especially Metal Slug which is the clear inspiration for the game. Cyborg Force has also been ported to the PC, PSP and Dreamcast which we're reviewing here. Previously, Neo Geo AES and MVS physical carts were available although these
flea! 2
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Flea! 2 – Sequel to NES game demo revealed

Henry the Flea made quite a splash in the indie scene when he starred in Flea! back in 2020. The game, originally developed for the NES, was ported to many platforms, saw physical release on Dreamcast and NES, and was made available on Steam and Evercade. Now developer, Lowtek Games, has announced the sequel and already has a demo of the NES version to play right now. The news includes
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HarleQuest! Ross Kilgariff chats about developing Dreamcast games

Earlier this year, we brought you the news that HarleQuest! was up for crowdfunding and since then it has achieved its funding goal. The new Dreamcast title, published by Wave Game Studios, is being developed by Ross Kilgariff and we were lucky enough to catch up with him to see how the game was shaping up. The full interview is set to be published in a future Retro Fusion Books
rainbow cotton
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Rainbow Cotton – Classic Dreamcast shooter getting HD remaster

Rainbow Cotton was an instant hit when it was released on Dreamcast in 2000 but sadly wasn't released outside of Japan. ININ Games has teamed up with Success to bring an HD remaster to digital storefronts in early 2024. It will be available on Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Described as a rail shooter, Rainbow Cotton is the fifth instalment in the series and the first to be fully 3D. You
driving strikers
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Driving Strikers – online Rocket League comes to Dreamcast

Driving Strikers is the first commercial release for indie developer Reality Jump and is available now from publisher Wave Game Studio. The Rocket League-esque title is also available on Steam and has online cross-play with the Dreamcast version. At it's heart, Driving Strikers is a multiplayer game that aims to provide a stable online experience for those who still get their Dreamcast on the interwebs. Those looking for a full