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Desolator & One head to Antstream this week

Earlier this month we brought you the news that Antstream Arcade is bringing its popular gaming streaming service to Apple devices this month. While this is exciting news, it hasn’t taken its eye off providing new experiences for existing customers and we have two new games. Desolator is an action game initially released in 1986 for the MSX system, developed and published by Gremlin Interactive. Taking inspiration from Defender, this is a
Wipeout in web browsers screenshot
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You Can Now Play the PlayStation Classic Wipeout in Web Browsers & More…

If you’d have told us back in 1995 that the PlayStation game Wipeout would, one day, be playable in a web browser, we’d have thrown our Netscape Navigator discs at you in disbelief!This unlikely way of playing the classic racer is all thanks to coder Dominic Szablewski, who has rewritten the game for a variety of formats, including Windows, Linux, macOS and WASM. Szablewski’s rewrite is based on leaked source
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There’s now a Dead Space PS1 demake

Available on - for now at least - is a short demake of Dead Space as if it were released on the original PlayStation. The fully playable, but visually dated game looks stirring and does to some extent, reproduce the scares of the original. How long this remains to be available probably depends on lawyers, but Fraser Brumley's effort is certainly impressive - check out the video below.
alice sisters
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Alice Sisters – a new Game Boy Advance and PlayStation game

Alice Sisters, the two-player platformer from OrionSoft, is being ported to Game Boy Advance, Atari Falcon and the original PlayStation. The announcement came via a tweet that explains a new Kickstarter has launched to fund the development and physical releases. The game has 28 levels spread across four different worlds each with its own boss. Alice Sisters also has four different game modes ranging from children easy to hardcore gamer.
Archer Maclean
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Archer MacLean has left us. Memorial details are available.

Legendary British developer, Archer MacLean passed away on December 17 2022 after a long battle with cancer. Archer was a prolific developer and designer behind classics such as Dropzone, International Karate and IK+ (C64) and his series of snooker and pool games such as Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind Snooker. Thank you Archer for the memories you have given us, you were taken too soon. :( A memorial service will be held
VBI Ribbon screenshot
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Cult PlayStation Game Recreated in Teletext

Following our report that Elite is being ported to teletext, news has broken that someone is trying an even more ambitious teletext conversion. Teletext enthusiast Byte High No Limit (teletextR on Twitter) has recreated the cult PlayStation rhythm game Vib Ribbon in teletext, with the triangle, circle, square and X buttons emulated via Fastext buttons. The teletext version has been named VBI Ribbon (VBI stands for Vertical Bkanking Interval,