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New Rob Hubbard Book Coming Soon

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, which reached a whopping 1209.6% of its target, a new book about the C64 (and more) composer Rob Hubbard will soon be published by our parent company, Fusion Retro Books.The book has been authored by Chris Abbott, Rob Hubbard, and Kenny McAlpine.The book follows Rob’s career via his own memories along with expert commentary and analysis, giving the definitive story of a genuine legend of
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Paradroid – Creating a Masterpiece review

We recently reported on the new Pardroid - Creating a Masterpiece documentary from Gracious Films and have now had the chance to watch it for this mini-review. The film tells the story, or more accurately the making of Paradroid, a classic Commodore 64 title that many gamers worldwide love. Andrew Braybrook and Steve Turner feature in the documentary and take us on a journey from inception to the impact of
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Zzap! 64 #19 – on sale now!

This issue features reviews of Yeti Mountain, Laserscape, Timeslip, Fragile Game Bert, Good Kniight, Roguebot, Harharagon, Binary Battle, and the Ruin of 0ceanus Pr1me. There’s also a review of a previously buried game - Aussie Games, and a ZZAP! Back review of It's Magic 2. Elsewhere this month, Graeme Mason digs The Way of the Exploding Fist out of the ZZAP archives, there’s another developer diary of A Pig’s Quest,
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CRASH and ZZAP! 64 merging into a new 8-bit Magazine

Fusion Retro Books has announced that the popular 8-bit magazines CRASH and ZZAP! 64 are to be merged into a single 8-bit magazine. The replacement magazine, CRAPP, will consist of 116 pages, with half devoted to all things ZX Spectrum, and the other half devoted to the breadbin. All current features will continue as usual, but rumours are that the Olibugs and Rockford are having a bit of a scrap
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EXCLUSIVE: New retro Star Wars game – JarJar64

New indie developer DirtyDeeds has announced a brand-new Commodore64 title starring everyone's favourite Star Wars character - Jar Jar Binks. DannyD, the main coder of the game, has recently taken a career break from corporate coding and wanted to do something more akin to bedroom coding - something he wished he had done more of as a kid on his trusty C64. JarJar64 is a flip-screen action platformer, where you
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Paradroid – new Andrew Braybrook and Steve Turner interview film

Paradroid - Creating a Masterpiece is a new documentary from established retro filmmakers Gracious Films. In a new series, titled Spotlights, Gracious Films interviews notable game developers about their classic titles. The first one features Andrew Braybrook and Steve Turner discussing PARADROID. The film is 50 minutes long features a beautiful background musical score and is shot in detailed 4K. The interviews are deep dives into the making of the
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C64 Chaos Engine Port Soon to be Causing Chaos 8-Bit Style

Originally released in 1993, the Bitmap Brothers’ acclaimed top-down shooter just missed the 8-bit era, appearing exclusively on 16-bit machines. But now, over 30 years later, a new C64 Chaos engine port is going to give one particular 8-bit format a taste of what it missed out on.A C64 developer going by the name “Marv” and the Twitter/X handle @MoreC64 is developing a C64 Chaos Engine port, and it’s coming
Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story
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Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story – game documentary out now

Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story is the latest release from Digital Eclipse that blends classic games with documentary-style history. Jeff Minter is known around the world for his impact on video games and this collection of 42 games spanning his career. It's out now on Steam, GOG, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Each game has been faithfully emulated and includes a reimagined version of Minter's Gridrunner masterpiece. As you play
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The Graftgold Story – new book on Kickstarter

Fusion Retro Books has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for a brand-new book - The Graftgold Story. In association with both Andrew Braybrook and Steve Turner, this book promises to detail not only the history of Graftgold - written by Graeme Mason, but also their memoirs, and a feature on Uridium spin-offs. Tiers include the PDF (£10), a 215+ page Hardback Book (£25), the book with slipcase (£30), plus various