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CRASH 2022 Live Event Announced

Date: This will be confirmed mid-June - either 26th November or 19thWhere: Bescott Stadium, WalsallOnce the date is confirmed, I will create an Event page for the show here on Facebook. The Vision: 1) 40+ Sinclair systems for visitors to play - ZX81, Spectrum 48K. Spectrum +, Spectrum 128 Toastie, +2, +3, Spectrum Next, N-Go, QL and more in the CRASH section. Peripherals galore.This section will be split into sections
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Little Computer People – Review

David Crane and Activision wanted to try something different in the mid-1980s, and the end result was the Little Computer People Discovery Kit containing the House On A Disk. Onscreen a side-on view of a miniature house was revealed, with each room having an activity or movement associated with it. Into this moved a Little Computer Person (LCP) and his pet dog; a unique code on each disk gave a
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Spectrum 40 for Charity!

There is a brand new ZX Spectrum bundle on in support of Special FX. A member called Quantum Sheep has rounded up 25 Spectrum Inide devs to offer up their games for charity - what we have currently on offer is 35 Spectrum games for a measily price of $10. There are some cracking titles as part of the bundle including The Swarm is Coming, a game that recenly

Sound of Mastertronic CD and Cassette

A the last week of the Kickstarter approaches for the The Commodore 64 Collectors Guide to Mastertronic campaign, a rather special perk has just been added. The guys have teamed up with to offer a Sound of Mastertronic CD and Cassette.To get one, just pledge on the Kickstarter and the CD and Cassettes are within add-ons. Link to the campaign is: The tracks to be included within these limited perks are: SIDE 1:-
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Despite the bizarre decision to name this game “Chop ‘n Drop” in the US, International Karate Plus continues System 3’s venerable ‘IK’ tradition of having well-animated and large characters going at each other with the intention to score points with well-placed single strikes. To up the stakes, IK+ makes it a free-for-all between three characters, allowing the two that scores the most points to continue. To sweeten the deal, as
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The first casualty of war is innocence… Ocean secured the rights to the hit film about Vietnam and promoted the video release on its loading screen, while the packaging included a free audio tape of Smokey Robinson’s Tracks Of My Tears. Multiple game types recreate key moments from the film. First the player must hunt through the jungle to blow up a bridge and reach a village, avoiding tripwires and