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Sir Fred Sequel to Venture onto the ZX Spectrum

Sir Fred was originally released on the ZX Spectrum back in 1986. The game was a Spanish platform game, released in the UK by Mikro-Gen.and now, nearly 40 years later, Sir Fred is getting a sequel in the form of ‘Old Fred’.Old Fred has been coded by the Spanish developers Gamesoft, the team who have previously coded the games Turbo Girl (Dinamic, 1988); Comando Quatro (Zigurat, 1989) and Senda Salvaje
Next Magazine binder
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A Second Batch of Next Magazine Binders is Now Up for Pre-Order

Next Magazine, the world’s only mag devoted to the ZX Spectrum Next, is one of our super sister publications, and the initial batch of binders in which to store this august publication sold out rather sharpish - so another run is planned, and you can pre-order your binder now by pledging just £17 here.The first batch of 400 didn't last very long at all, and once 100 pre-orders have been
Shovel Duck II screenshot
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Shovel Duck II: Dig Duck Burrows its Way onto the Spectrum

We love our new ZX Spectrum games here at Fusion R Gamer, and the latest new ZX Spectrum game to catch our eye is Shovel Duck II: Dig Duck!Shovel Duck II: Dig Duck is a colorful single-screen platform game by KTB Productions, and it certainly seems to be bursting with "Dig Duck energy"!The game is a sequel to an earlier game called - you guessed it - Shovel DuckShovel Duck
Jet Set Steamboat Willie title screen
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Jet Set Steamboat Willie Sails onto the ZX Spectrum

https://youtu.be/2aIlBMi6erA But what is Jet Set Steamboat Willie? Well, as you may be aware, the original Mickey Mouse cartoon, Steamboat Willie, recently entered the public domain, along with the original design of Mickey Mouse that featured in the short.And, as you might expect, creative types have been taking advantage of having one of the world’s most recognisable characters at their disposal, such as in the upcoming Mouse FPS, and the
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3D Starstrike series is heading to the ZX Spectrum NEXT

Fusion Retro Books has announced that it has acquired the rights to several classic ZX Spectrum games, and is planning to bring them to the ZX Spectrum NEXT. These rights include the games, artwork, loading screens, and game inlays. The three games announced on Facebook are: 3D Tank Duel 3D Starstrike 3D Starstrike 2 Who's looking forward to seeing how these upgrade on the NEXT?
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CRASH Presents NEXT Magazine #1 – on sale now!

In the very first issue of CRASH Presents NEXT Magazine, the team reviews Head Over Heels, Bean Brothers, Celeste, Battle Tanks, and Crater Crawler. There are also previews of Xeno Brigade 2, Tank War Next, International Ikari Plus, and Captain Square Jaw, plus Youtuber TJ Ferreira begins his regular column, this time talking about his very first computers. Also in this month's issue, is a feature on the evolution of
Dr. Acula screenshot
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Dr. Acula: A Sequel to a 40-year-Old Game Has Risen from the Grave

There aren’t many 40-year old games that are still receiving sequels on their original format of release, but now, the Speccy game Frank N. Stein has become one of that very rare breed.Colin Stewart’s platform game Frank N. Stein was released for the ZX Spectrum way back in 1984, and now, 40 years later, his sequel to the game, titled Dr. Acula, is available for the ZX Spectrum The game
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CRASH and ZZAP! 64 merging into a new 8-bit Magazine

Fusion Retro Books has announced that the popular 8-bit magazines CRASH and ZZAP! 64 are to be merged into a single 8-bit magazine. The replacement magazine, CRAPP, will consist of 116 pages, with half devoted to all things ZX Spectrum, and the other half devoted to the breadbin. All current features will continue as usual, but rumours are that the Olibugs and Rockford are having a bit of a scrap