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Steel Empire X Over Horizon Switch Review

We recently reported on the imminent release of Steel Empire X Over Horizon for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, a compilation of old-school side-scrolling shoot ‘em ups from the early 90s. Now we’ve had the chance to play the games on Switch, and we had a real blast!First up is Over Horizon, a 1991 NES shooter with a botanical setting, meaning killer plants sprouting up to attack you all over the
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ZPF – preview of upcoming Mega Drive shooter

We've been excited seeing the updates for ZPF, the upcoming Mega Drive shooter from retro publisher Mega Cat Studios. The crowdfunding campaign has already amassed over £110k, is still gaining pre-orders, and has a couple of weeks to go. Fusion has been sent a prototype cart to try out and we'll give our findings in this preview. Of course, this is a sneak preview of the current build and not
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Satryn DX Switch Review

The obvious game with which to compare Satryn DX is Robotron, but when the obvious comparison is such an accurate one, it’d be foolish to ignore it.The gameplay involves moving with the left stick while shooting the nasties with the right, with the aim being to obliterate the baddies and save your pals, who are being threatened with a one-way trip to Satryn for a sort of involuntary Dignitas situation.Satryn
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GRAAMASEVA – initial impressions on Steam retro title

GRAAMASEVA is a new retro-inspired overhead action title from developer VITAMIN A. The game is due to be released soon but a demo is available throughout the Next Fest on the Steam page. We had a quick go and have to say it's a lot of fun. The premise of the game is to continue through the world fighting enemies and avoiding the various traps. During our preview playthrough, we
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Two More Super Pockets Coming Soon

Well, Blaze Entertainment haven’t announced any Evercade-related hardware for at least five minutes, so they’ve seen fit to rectify that via their HyperMegaTech label, announcing two new Super Pocket handheld consoles ready to fill Christmas stockings (and pockets) when they’re released on 22nd October 2024.As we reported at the time, last year’s Super Pocket consoles came in either Capcom or Taito varieties.This year, the varieties on offer are Atari and
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A Cat and his Boy Switch Review

Cat-based games seem in vogue at the moment thanks to the likes of Stray and Little Kitty Big City, and now we can add A Cat and his Boy to that list of feline-themed games.As you can probably deduce from the screenshot, A Cat and his Boy was originally developed for the Game Boy.The game is a top-down adventure in which you, playing the role of the titular cat, must
flashman gold
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Flashman Gold – Steam preview of retro platformer

Flashman Gold is a retro-inspired arcade game from Golden Leaf Game Studio, a Netherlands-based studio headed by solo dev Rene Postma, and released to Steam in November 2023. Rene has contacted Fusion and asked us if we could look at his game. The game is available now in a test phase but we've been told some big updates are on the way, including a host of new levels, in the
GameBook Color
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GameBook Color – colouring outside the lines

In November, we brought the news that our friends at Ninty Media were releasing the next tome in its excellent GameBook series. Following the first book, which looked at the DMG original Game Boy, the next one is about the Game Boy Color. Ninty Media founder Paul Murphy has kindly sent a copy for us to review and we're excited to bring you our thoughts on this handheld compendium. Firstly, the book itself