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FUSION #56 – on sale now!

Swinging their way into the latest issue of FUSION Magazine is a large smattering of absolutely gushing reviews, including Clusterduck, Dragon’s Dogma II, Contra: Operation Galuga, and The Night is Grey. For hardware fans, Alan Hammerton reviews the Asus Rog Ally Z1 Extreme handheld console, plus there are book reviews of The Console: 50 Years of Home Video Gaming and N64: A Visual Compendium. Also in this issue, Faith Johnson ponders fantasy
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Lost Records: Bloom & Rage gets a new trailer

Developer Don't Nod experienced major success with the Life Is Strange series, and is now looking to replicate that success with a brand new "Lost Recordsuniverse" game world. The Life Is Strange IP was always owned by Square Enix, with Deck Nine taking over coding duties on Before the Storm, and True Colors. It seems this way, the developer is in complete control of the series, and how they want
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Max Payne remakes to enter full development

We previously brought you the news that Remedy Entertainment, after agreeing on a deal with publisher Rockstar Games, was planning to bring both Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne to modern consoles. That concept stage of development seems to have progressed at a good pace, as Rememy has now announced that the Max Payne 1+2 remake will enter full production in Q2 2024. This was
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Alien: Rogue Incursion – New Immersive VR Game

Leading VR game developer Survios has announced a brand-new VR game based on the classic Alien horror movie series. Alien: Rogue Incursion promises to immerse players in a harrowing journey of survival, with a brand-new story, set deep within the iconic Alien universe, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this May. The VR developer has previously worked on such franchises as Rocky/Creed, Westworld, and The Walking Dead. The single-player action-adventure game
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Robosen unveils an Auto-Converting Megatron Transformer

Following on from the auto-converting Optimus Prime and Grimlock robots comes the first Decepticon Transformer to enter the series. The Megatron Flagship Edition is a tribute to the 40th anniversary of Transformers and is even voiced by Frank Welker. As well as auto-converting from robot to tank and back (sadly not to his original gun form), the 20-inch tall model is fully controllable by a mobile app, and features two
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3D Starstrike series is heading to the ZX Spectrum NEXT

Fusion Retro Books has announced that it has acquired the rights to several classic ZX Spectrum games, and is planning to bring them to the ZX Spectrum NEXT. These rights include the games, artwork, loading screens, and game inlays. The three games announced on Facebook are: 3D Tank Duel 3D Starstrike 3D Starstrike 2 Who's looking forward to seeing how these upgrade on the NEXT?
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Yars Rising – Atari announces new Metroidvania

Atari has announced a brand-new game based on the Yars Revenge classic - Yars Rising. Developed by WayForward, who has recently impressed with Contra: Operation Galuga and Shantae, it will actually be in the Metroidvania style - certainly an interesting choice. You take control of a young hacker called Emi Kimura tasked with infiltrating the shadowy QoTech corporation. Can you run, jump, sneak, hack, and blast your way through various 2D
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Sleepytime Village – New Point & Click Adventure Kickstarter is now live

UK developer Lightfoot Bros love a good adventure - their previous title The Mystery of Woolley Mountain was well received, and now they're launching another title on Kickstarter. Sleepytime Village is a brand-new game in the classic point-and-click adventure style, that features gorgeous graphics, interesting puzzles, and promises to be more than a bit creepy! Inspired by the likes of Monkey Island and Broken Sword, and TV shows such as
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Golden Axe to become an animated TV series

SEGA's classic arcade brawler Golden Axe is returning by way of the small screen, with an animated TV series being developed for Comedy Central. The series will be co-created by Mike McMahan, the brains behind the successful (and beloved) series Star Trek: Lower Decks. Golden Axe “follows veteran warriors Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, and Gilius Thunderhead as they once again battle to save Yuria from the evil giant Death Adder