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Football Champ Kicks its Way out of the Arcade Archives Today If you’re already missing the recent flurry of football action from the Euro 24 championships, then the latest release from Hamster's Arcade Archives line of emulated arcade titles could be just what you need!For this week’s release, Hamster have resurrected Football Champ, a Taito title originally released in 1990, and which is also known by the name ‘Hat Trick Hero’.As the title suggests, the game is an arcade-style football
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Antstream announce two new titles and Xbox deal

This week's new Antstream Arcade titles have been announced alongside this week's challenge and an update on Antstream's Xbox offering. The first game is Megalopolis SOS, released in 1983 on MSX. It is a fixed-screen shooter where players must defend the cities of Earth from invasion. The second title is Snowboard Championship, a Gaelco arcade game from 1997. Players ride the mountains and react to on-screen prompts. And for the
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Antstream announces this week’s new games

As with most weeks, retro streaming service Antstream Arcade has two new titles to try. Alien Rampage is an old DOS side-scrolling action title with great pixel art and solid gameplay. The other release is the NES port of BurgerTime, Data East's 1982 arcade game. Both titles will be available on Antstream this week. Steve Cottam, CEO of Antstream, said. "There is always something new to discover on Antstream, and
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Antstream add two new titles to streaming platform

Earlier this week we brought you the news that Antstream Arcade is bringing its popular gaming streaming service to Apple devices this month. While this is exciting news, it hasn't taken its eye off providing new experiences for existing customers and we have two new games. The first is Atari's Breakout, first released to arcades in 1976 and designed by Steve Wozniak after Pong inspired him. This is the Atari
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Two New Evercade Arcade Carts Coming this November

Blaze Entertainment have announced that two new Evercade arcade carts will be released this November, to coincide with the release of the arcade-like Evercade Alpha, on which we have previously reported.Of course, these new Evercade arcade carts won’t only run on the Evercade Alpha, but will also be compatible with all hardware that can run Evercade carts.The new Evercade arcade carts in question are:Toaplan Arcade 3, which features: Batsugun, Batsugun
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STAR LUSTER – this week’s Arcade Archives release announced

This week's Arcade Archive release is Star Luster, Namco's 1985 space combat sim. As with all the games in this collection from Hamster Co., this is out now on the Japanese PlayStation and Switch stores and includes an online leaderboard as well as some modern quality-of-life settings. The game uses a first-person view from the cockpit of your ship as you travel through space taking out enemies and bases as
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Rug Rats Infest Arcade Archives

The latest Arcade Archives title to be released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 has been confirmed as Rug Rats.Despite the title, the game has nothing to do with Tommy Pickles and his crew of animated infant chums, though they do also have a new game in the works, on which we’ve previously reported.No, this Rug Rats is a 1982 arcade game originally released by Nichibutsu.And like many games released
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Find Out What Evercade Alpha is at last!

Earlier this week, we reported that the mysterious Evercade Alpha was to be revealed at last on Thursday 30th May 2024 at 1700 BST, and indeed it was. Or should we say they were?With an emphasis on that “-cade” suffix, the Evercade Alpha is a bartop arcade cabinet that runs Evercade cartridges.There are two modes to choose from, and in addition to running the Evercade cartridge library, each model will
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Antstream add Steel Force and Jumpman to streaming service

Antstream Arcade has two new titles available now on its streaming service. Jumpman was originally released on the Atari 2600 in 1983. It's, of course, a platformer that requires you to defuse bombs while travelling up and down ladders. Along the way, you'll need to avoid hazards such as darts or falling from the upper platforms. Steel Force is a 1994 arcade title released by Piko Interactive. It's a top-down
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Taito Milestones 3 Heading to Switch this Winter We previously reviewed Taito Milestones 2 and reported on a bundle containing both Taito Milestones 2 and the first Taito Milestones collection, and now, the more astute among you (and even the not so astute) will have deduced that we’re now reporting on the announcement of Taito Milestones 3.Yes, the third in the series of collections of Taito arcade classics is heading exclusively to Nintendo Switch.TAITO Milestones 3 is