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Gamebook Advance – New GBA book up for pre-order

Gamebook Advance is the latest book to be announced from Ninty Media. It's the third in the GameBoy series that has already covered the original DMG and the GBC. A Kickstarter campaign is well underway, and the book already had over £30k pre-orders. The success has already led to author Paul Murphy committing to expanding the finished book. The book's contents will follow a similar pattern to the first two.
sigma star saga
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Sigma Star Saga – GBA action rpg heading to PC and consoles next year

Retro publisher WayForward has announced that Sigma Star Saga, the 2025 GBA shmup RPG, is heading to PC and modern consoles next year. It will align with the 20th anniversary of the game's release and will be presented through Limited Run Games' Carbon Engine. In its press release, WayForward has mentioned that "this highly requested cult classic" will also be re-released as a GBA-compatible cart. There aren't many more details
GameBook Color
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GameBook Color – colouring outside the lines

In November, we brought the news that our friends at Ninty Media were releasing the next tome in its excellent GameBook series. Following the first book, which looked at the DMG original Game Boy, the next one is about the Game Boy Color. Ninty Media founder Paul Murphy has kindly sent a copy for us to review and we're excited to bring you our thoughts on this handheld compendium. Firstly, the book itself
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Kien: “New” Game Boy Advance Game Out Now

Kien you believe it?! An unreleased Game Boy Advance game thst was developed during the console’s heyday in 2002 has finally been published 22 years later!Kien is an action platformer infused with RPG elements, immersing players in a fantasy world across 23 intricate and demanding levels.The game’s lead designer, Fabio Belsanti, says of Kien: “Kien is a very demanding game, in a way it's a pre-souls game. The battles are
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Dragonyhm – Update on impressive new GB RPG

Dragonyhm, the new GB RPG from Spacebot Interactive, has a new update sent via a press release from the games publisher Incube8 Games. It first apologised for any misinformation that customers of the project may have experienced but has clarified the progress of getting the game to backers. The game is now set for release in Q4 2024 and both the standard and collectors edition will now be replaced by
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New Game Boy Game Out Now: Song of Morus: Gala of Battle

Song of Morus: Gala of Battle is a boss rush shoot 'em up game for the Game Boy, where players battle against a variety of bosses alongside the protagonist Song, fighting against evil undead and spiritual creatures.Interestingly, he game can utilise the Game Boy Printer peripheral to print special bookmarks of in-game characters. Song of Morus: Gala of Battle is available in both complete box and cart-only options, with compatibility
history of nintendo vol 4
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The History of Nintendo Vol. 4 – preview

If the name Florent Gorges rings a bell, you'd remember him for being an incredible retro game historian who has written four volumes in The History of Nintendo series. His wonderful tomes celebrate and educate on everything Ninty. His first two books, plotting the history of Nintendo's early years in the industry and Game & Watch, had been translated into English from his native French. We're delighted to announce that
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Cronela’s Mansion Looking to be Built via Kickstarter

Here at Fusion R Gamer, we love it when new games are developed for old hardware, and we also love point and click adventures, and the forthcoming title Cronela’s Mansion fulfills both of these criteria!Cronela’s Mansion is an old-school point and click adventure that Spanish developer Straynus is developing for NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, PC, and Switch.Obviously influenced by a certain maniacal point and click classic, the
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Kudzu – Indie Game Boy adventure heading to Switch

Last year we reported on Kudzu, a new Game Boy adventure that was getting physical release. Now, the Chris Totten-developed title is heading to Switch courtesy of retro publishers 8-Bit Legit. Kudzu is due out on Switch on 5th April 2024, with only the US version available currently. "The game came from a bunch of ideas that my wife and I pulled together, including her brother fighting off invasive vines