The Karate Kid: Street Rumble screenshot
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The Karate Kid: Street Rumble Waxing Its Way onto Consoles & PC this September Of course, Fusion R Gamer is a retro-based site, I mean the “R” is right there! So, with that in mind, you might think that an upcoming new game for modern formats would sit outside of our remit. Well, The Karate Kid: Street Rumble may be a new game, but its credentials are decidedly retro.First off, The Karate Kid: Street Rumble is based on a film from 1984, and
Double Dragon Revive graphic
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Double Dragon Revive Hitting the Streets Next Year We love our side-scrolling beat ‘em us here at Fusion R Gamer, and the Double Dragon series of games have certainly been among the best the genre has to offer, ever since the first game in the series hit arcades back in 1987.We previously reported on the announcement of Double Dragon Gaiden: Eise of the Dragons, which we went on to review favourably in Fusion magazine issue 48.In our
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GRAAMASEVA – initial impressions on Steam retro title

GRAAMASEVA is a new retro-inspired overhead action title from developer VITAMIN A. The game is due to be released soon but a demo is available throughout the Next Fest on the Steam page. We had a quick go and have to say it's a lot of fun. The premise of the game is to continue through the world fighting enemies and avoiding the various traps. During our preview playthrough, we
flashman gold
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Flashman Gold – Steam preview of retro platformer

Flashman Gold is a retro-inspired arcade game from Golden Leaf Game Studio, a Netherlands-based studio headed by solo dev Rene Postma, and released to Steam in November 2023. Rene has contacted Fusion and asked us if we could look at his game. The game is available now in a test phase but we've been told some big updates are on the way, including a host of new levels, in the
Maximum Apocalypse
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Maximum Apocalypse: The Video Game – Tabletop Adaptation Hits Crowdfunding goal

Maximum Apocalypse is a popular cooperative tabletop game and Mega Cat Studios and Manor Rock Games thought it would make a great video game adaptation. We couldn't agree more and are delighted to see the crowdfunding campaign hit its target within 48 hours. Maximum Apocalypse: The Video Game invites you to navigate a post-apocalyptic world filled with perils such as zombies, mutants, and catastrophic environmental events. Stepping into the shoes
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UFO 50 Beaming Down to Steam this September The spirit of Cascade’s infamous Cassette 50 home computer compilation lives on in UFO 50, a forthcoming collection of 50 retro games from Spelunky developer Mossmouth (AKA Derek Yu).Coming to Steam on 18th September 2024, UFO 50 promises 50 single and multiplayer games that span a variety of genres, from platformers and shoot 'em ups to puzzle games, roguelites, and RPGs, each offering an 8-bit aesthetic with new ideas
victory heat rally
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Victory Heat Rally – Update on cutesy arcade racer

Victory Heat Rally has been on our radar for some time and we're glad to have some exciting news from publisher Playtonic Friends and developer Skydevilpalm. The cutesy arcade racer is heading to Steam and Switch in the Winter of 2024. If you can't wait to get on the starting grid, a demo is available on Steam as part of the summer Next Fest. Taking inspiration from the golden age
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Nirvana Noir – Lost In Cult announces latest art book and vinyl soundtracks

Lost In Cult has partnered with developer Feral Cat Den to bring a premium art book and vinyl soundtracks to celebrate the upcoming release of Nirvana Noir, an upcoming psychedelic noir adventure. The collaboration is part of the game's Kickstarter, which went live recently, and you can purchase the game alongside the book and soundtrack. The Collected Artworks of Genesis & Nirvana Noir will feature concept art from Nirvana Noir
Patti Hattu! Cosmic Revolt
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Patti Hattu! Cosmic Revolt – first impressions

With the release of Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble imminent, we've caught wind of another ball-rolling title heading to Steam on 17th June 2024. Patti Hattu! Cosmic Revolt, from developer BandanaKid, promises a mix of action, puzzles, racing and platforming across 70 levels. We've been sent a code of the full game that we are trying out in this preview but there is a demo available on the Steam store