The Karate Kid: Street Rumble screenshot
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The Karate Kid: Street Rumble Waxing Its Way onto Consoles & PC this September Of course, Fusion R Gamer is a retro-based site, I mean the “R” is right there! So, with that in mind, you might think that an upcoming new game for modern formats would sit outside of our remit. Well, The Karate Kid: Street Rumble may be a new game, but its credentials are decidedly retro.First off, The Karate Kid: Street Rumble is based on a film from 1984, and
Double Dragon Revive graphic
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Double Dragon Revive Hitting the Streets Next Year We love our side-scrolling beat ‘em us here at Fusion R Gamer, and the Double Dragon series of games have certainly been among the best the genre has to offer, ever since the first game in the series hit arcades back in 1987.We previously reported on the announcement of Double Dragon Gaiden: Eise of the Dragons, which we went on to review favourably in Fusion magazine issue 48.In our
parasol stars title screen
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Parasol Stars – coming to consoles in July

Way back in July last year, we reported that Taito's Parasol Stars was heading to consoles courtesy of retro publisher ININ Games. We were super excited to bring this news being such fans of Bubble Bobble, with this being the third main game in the series. Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III will be released digitally on July 11th for Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Those wanting to add this
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Lost Records: Bloom & Rage gets a new trailer

Developer Don't Nod experienced major success with the Life Is Strange series, and is now looking to replicate that success with a brand new "Lost Recordsuniverse" game world. The Life Is Strange IP was always owned by Square Enix, with Deck Nine taking over coding duties on Before the Storm, and True Colors. It seems this way, the developer is in complete control of the series, and how they want
P'Oed: Definitive Edition screenshot
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Get Ready to Get PO’ed: Definitive Edition

In case you haven’t played it (which probably goes for most of us), PO’ed was a first-person shooter originally released in 1995 for the not entirely successful 3DO format.In PO'ed, you played as a chef who crashes on an alien planet infested with extraterrestrial foes, using a menu of “household” weapons. Sounds tasty!And now, nearly 30 years later, the game is returning in the form of PO'ed: Definitive Edition.PO’ed: Definitive
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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – Review

I'm slightly late to the party as The Lost Crown was released eight weeks ago, but after a hefty 40% price drop, I couldn't put this off any longer. I've been a long-time fan - from the 2D original, my showpiece game on the Sam Coupé, through the 3D transition with the Sands of Time trilogy, plus the reboot and spin-off which failed to reignite the sales. That 14-year drought
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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – DLC Roadmap

We're big fans of the recent 2.5D metroidvania title Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and previously reported on upcoming plans to support the game with new modes and content. Ubisoft Montpellier has now shared the post-launch DLC roadmap, with the first free update coming next week. The March update promises a new Speedrun mode and Permadeath mode, along with new skins. The Spring updates will introduce a Boss-Rush mode
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Broken Sword: Reforged: Collector’s Edition – exclusive to Kickstarter

The multi-award-winning point-and-click adventure Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars is being substantially enhanced and repainted in 4K as a brand-new Reforged edition for modern consoles. To celebrate this, they are creating a fabulous Collector’s Edition box in English, German and French - and it's exclusive to Kickstarter. The set will include a physical version of the game on PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, or PC, which will be