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ZPF – preview of upcoming Mega Drive shooter

We've been excited seeing the updates for ZPF, the upcoming Mega Drive shooter from retro publisher Mega Cat Studios. The crowdfunding campaign has already amassed over £110k, is still gaining pre-orders, and has a couple of weeks to go. Fusion has been sent a prototype cart to try out and we'll give our findings in this preview. Of course, this is a sneak preview of the current build and not
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ZPF – Mega Drive pew pew seeks funding

Earlier this month we brought you news of the incoming ZDF crowdfunding campaign. A new update from retro publisher Mega Cat Studios, confirms that the crowdfunding campaign for its latest Mega Drive release is officially live with pledges already in. So far the project has amassed over £90,000 in funding. Early backers and supporters of the campaign will have the chance to win a prototype copy of ZPF to celebrate
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Book4Games – Wave 3 to house your NES, SNES, Game Gear and PC-Engine carts

Those handy folk over at Book4Games have some exciting news for those who collect carts. Its Wave 3 collection of Precision Game Storage will include solutions for NES, SNES, Game Gear and PC-Engine. The excellent storage solution will be crowdfunded, with the Kickstarter campaign launching on July 5th 2024. You can sign up to be notified when the campaign starts but in the meantime check out the current range of
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Sonic Tubbz – Numskull announce latest in speedy ducks range

Numskull Designs has announced three new Tubbz about to its growing range of characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Silver the Hedgehog, Espio the Chameleon and fan favourite Rogue the Bat are looking for new homes in your bathtub. You can find out more about each character below and the trio is now available for pre-order priced at £19.99. Official SEGA merchandise Designed and engineered by Numskull Designs TUBBZ
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ZPF – Kickstarter date confirmed as more details emerge

In November last year, we brought you the news that the upcoming Mega Drive shmup ZPF was gearing up for its crowdfunding campaign. A demo of the game has been available to play for some time but since then, shooter fans have eagerly awaited further news on what we can expect from the game. Mega Cat Studios, which is publishing ZPF, has sent a press release to get us right
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Sovietborgs – Retro Sumus shows us WIP of new Dreamcast title

Retro Sumus, the developer behind the excellent Dreamcast on-rails shooter Xenocider, has a new game to show, albeit at a very early stage of development. Sovietborgs is an upcoming title for Dreamcast and Mega Drive that appears, at first glance at least, to have some very cool Cannon Fodder vibes. From what we can see, you control a small team of soldiers as you take down enemies and the setting
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Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble characters revealed in the new trailer

We were excited to see Sega's announcement about its latest Super Monkey Ball release last week and a new trailer gives us some more information about the characters that will appear in Banana Rumble. The new video also shows some further gameplay and glimpses of what we can expect from this multiplayer-focused release. We also now know there will be hundreds of unlockable content to acquire through the Adventure Mode.
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Sonic Symphony World Tour Returning to London

Here’s good news for fans of game music, especially if you're also a fan of Sega’s speedy mascot: The Sonic Symphony World Tour is speeding back to London!Sonic Symphony is an immersive multimedia concert experience featuring over three decades of music from across the Sonic franchise, performed by both a symphony orchestra and a full rock band. Co-produced by SEGA and Soundtrec, and presented worldwide by MGP Live, the Sonic
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Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble – more monkey madness heading to Switch

A new Super Monkey Ball title heading to Switch has been announced. Banana Rumble is set for release on 25th June 2024. While it features the same madcap gameplay of previous entries, this one focuses on multiplayer minigames. You can pre-order on the dedicated site now. Game modes include Race, a simple race to the finished line. Goal Rush is a kind of football game involving team-based points scoring. Ba-Boom!
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Rainbow Cotton – Retro shooter gets HD blast on Steam

Rainbow Cotton was first released for the Dreamcast in 2000 but sadly never made it out of Japan. Now the shooter, which falls neatly into the cute 'em-up sub-genre, has had a full HD remaster. The remaster duties were taken care of by developer Kritzelkratz 3000 with publishing from ININ. It's out on 9th May 2024 for Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam which we've reviewed here. The game is the