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Sonic Roll – How a love for Sonic led to a board game

Sonic Roll is the latest board game from Kess Entertainment. The Los Angeles-based toy company announced that it was collaborating with Sega to create a Sonic-based board game set to be released early next year. It follows hot on the heels of its previous video game-inspired board game, Mega Man Adventures. Time Extension caught up with the team at Kess to get the lowdown on Sonic Roll. We started by
From Coin-Ops to Table-Tops

Mike Diver interview – writing the history books

We recently brought you the news of an exciting new book concerning the history of tabletop arcade games. We were lucky enough to catch up with its author, Mike Diver, who is super busy preparing the new book at the same time as finishing up another. THE CON50LE: 50 Years of Home Video Gaming is currently up for pre-order while the other book, From Coin-Ops to Table-Tops: The Essential Electronic
mage games
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Mage Games – connecting collectors through community

Sometimes someone just needs to look at a problem in our industry and do something to help solve it. Mage Games, a new peer-to-peer website is aiming to connect game collectors so they can sell and trade their games as well as provide a one-stop shop for business owners to connect with more customers. Fusion spoke to Gio, the service founder, about what customers can expect. He begins by explaining
Albion Games
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Albion Games – New gaming cafe in Norwich opens today

For Tom Scott playing Sonic and Lemmings on his parents Mega Drive and Amiga sparked a love for gaming. Today he opens up a new game cafe in Norwich called Albion Games, but it started with gaming events several years ago. "I've been a competitive Super Smash Bros. player for 14 years now." Tom explains "My main claim to fame is as an event organiser. Back in 2019, I ran
john roo
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John Roo – Talking hot Airball about his upcoming GBA and NES game

Last year, we brought you the news that the lost port of Airball for the NES was getting ready for release and now John Roo, of The Retro Room, explains all the details. John has brought Airball to the NES and GBA and it’s set for release later this year. The game has some history and in the late 80s was set to be published on the NES but was
Matt Hughson
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Matt Hughson – Super Sunny World interview

Matt Hughson is a games developer currently working at The Coalition Studio which is famous for its work on the Gears of War series. And while that is an impressive achievement in itself, Matt has also released two NES games and is currently working on his third. “I’m a professional game developer by trade, but on the side, I’ve always dabbled in indie game development.” He explains. “My games always

Chris Wilkins – The Interview!

Chris Wilkins needs no introduction, he's responsible for are looking at it!), and the director of Chris is also the event organiser for CRASH Live, ZZAP! Live and Fusion events. It was an absolute pleasure chatting to Chris and I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as i did making it. Enjoy the podcast on Click the image to watch the whole podcast.
Interview ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum Interview – Documentary lifting the lid on Sir Clive’s rubber keyed wonder

This week we reported on the news that The Rubber-Keyed Wonder documentary had a new collectors edition to pre-order. The upcoming documentary, that focuses on the story of the ZX Spectrum, is produced by Gracious Film founders Nicola and Anthony Caulfield. Fusion speaks with them about the project and what it means to them and the wider Spectrum fanbase. On details about the new collectors edition, Nicola and Anthony explain
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Extra Life 2 – charity event for disabled gamers

In April last year, retro gamers got together at Arcade Club Bury to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and rekindle old friendships after the lockdown. The event, titled Extra Life, also helped raise awareness for the charities work as well as providing a cracking 24 hour gaming experience for the retro community. After the event's success, attendees asked if it could happen again in 2023. A spokesman for Extra